I have a rich background in music, psychology, counselling and human development, and mindfulness. I’ve been songwriting and playing instruments from a very young age, having had the rich benefit of growing up with a musical father who had his own home studio. I identify as Autistic, and also have other neurodivergent traits such as ADHD. I spent a lot of time working with Autistic children and young adults in my university and pre-family years. I also have a great deal of training in holistic nutrition! I am now also the proud parent of two amazing young beings who are also on the Spectrum. My diverse specialties and life experience allow me to put my skills together in a unique way to serve my community.

I would describe myself as down to earth, pragmatic, and matter of fact – being gentle when needed yet giving you that extra push when appropriate. I love to laugh and always maintain my sense of humour. I’m a very spiritual person, yet in a way that is open to the beliefs of all, and is supportive of such. I do not subscribe to any dogma, and am always open to discussing new ways of seeing and being. I’m comfortable with all sexualities, gender identities, relationship structures and family dynamics. An important goal for me is to create comfortable and inclusive spaces for my clients. I am open to criticism and am more than comfortable being told what works for you and what doesn’t!

If you find yourself in need of my services, please don’t hesitate to contact me – if I can’t help you, I will gladly do my very best to connect you to someone who can.

What People Say About Jayne

“Jayne is a kind, patient, and thoughtful soul. Her active & reflective listening skills are amazing. She is able to be compassionate while maintaining her calm demeanour and point out other perspectives. Her cheerful smile and bubbly personality come through like the sun on a rainy day if needed . If there is something critical or concerning in my life she is definitely a person I can count on to be connected to wholeheartedly. “


“Amazing human!!!”


Jayne has recorded, edited, mixed…helped me create amazing Hypnotherapy recordings. She has a wonderful ear, and creative mind. I love her honesty, and humor. I was nervous, and she helped me ease right into the process. Thank you Jayne! 🙂


“Great, thought provoking music…for the mind, body and soul.”


Training, Certificates & Experience:

Accomplished multi-instrumentalist and vocalist
Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Counselling & Human Development.
Crisis Line Training & Volunteer experience at SHARE Family & Community Services
End of Life Doula Training (BREV 1100) at Douglas College
Volunteer Training Program at Ridge Meadows Hospice Society
Coursework in Holistic Nutrition at the Canadian School for National Nutrition, and various workshops on natural supplements put on by different companies and organizations
Years practicing mindfulness meditation with teachers at various centres, including Shambhala in Vancouver, and The Hermitage of the Dharma Fellowship of Denman Island

Want to get to know me a little better?

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Jayne Karma Lamo

Salmo, BC Canada

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