I specialize in Intuitive Life Coaching. What’s this, you ask?  I draw on a wealth of multidisciplinary knowledge to help YOU tap in to your potential.  I have a rich experiential background that includes but is not limited to*:

  • Western psychology,
  • mindfulness / meditation & Buddhist psychology
  • Crisis intervention and client centred techniques
  • Tarot & Intuitive readings,
  • Universal spirituality and journeying
  • Holistic Nutrition & food based wellness

Part of my skill set is being a natural intuitive –  someone who picks up on messages, emotions, events and other information “beneath the surface.” An intuitive can sometimes access information without needing to be verbally told, which if cultivated, is an especially useful skill. This information is relevant and important to your truth. No doubt you have this information too, but it might not always be obvious! An intuitive can be like a flashlight into the depths of how you are experiencing the world, both consciously and subconsciously.

I would love to work with you to help you:

  • develop and move forward with your goals, including creating individualized action plans with built in accountability
  • discover hidden patterns that may be hampering your growth, and take steps to replace these patterns with helpful ones
  • connect to wellness practices to support your health & personal development (both mental and physical)
  • remove intellectual & emotional blocks that may be impeding your capacity for growth,
  • deepen your connection to YOUR spirituality (which may be very different than mine!)
  • improve your relationships with others using techniques grounded in Buddhist psychology, mindfulness, deep listening & non-violent, “I-centred” communication

Any one of these practices may include referring you to more qualified or appropriate practitioners if at any point we feel you would benefit from additional or alternative services. I’m not afraid to step out of the way if someone else is needed!

I offer individual sessions or monthly plans at very accessible prices.  If you are interested in learning more, please send me an email or use the booking tool on my Facebook page ❤️

*I am NOT a medical practitioner, registered counsellor or psychologist, and my services can not be claimed under your extended health benefits at this time. My services do NOT constitute medical or diagnostic advice.  BECAUSE I can not be claimed in extended health plans, I have set my fees low to remain accessible.  It is my goal to service the community as an affordable alternative to subsidized supports that may have extended wait lists. I offer sliding scale rates and service exchanges for individuals who may not be able to cover full costs.

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