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I am so pleased to be able to bring my musical medicine to the community and be of service with sound. Another way that I am doing this is through gentle sound healing instruments. Although sometimes listening to a great heavy metal song can be healing too – these gentle and traditional sounds have a special quality about them that can be really transformational. I also can create blissful soundscapes or background tracks using my editing software that can be individually tailored. I am partnering with some amazing individuals to bring these sounds to you – one being the Sisters in Sound, and another two I hope to announce soon! Please see below for detailed information on these projects. Stay tuned for more information to come!

End of Life clients are welcome to have these services in addition to everything else I can offer as an End of Life Doula.

Please contact me if you would be interested in partnering with me in delivering this beautiful medicine to the community. I value collaborations and working relationships deeply, and prefer them to going solo!

Here’s a few sound journeys I’ve uploaded to YouTube. Hoping to do a release of ambient sounds sometime in the near future!

Sisters in Sound

Sisters in Sound is a group of West Coast Wild Women musicians, Cacao ceremonialists, transformational arts practitioners, and sound healers collaborating together to offer METAMORPHIC SONIC CEREMONIES. By serving up unique compositions of modular soundscapes and organic sound healing, collaged with mystical vocal harmonies and ancestral callings, a sacred space is held where people from all walks of life can transcend the ordinary and enter the heart of inspiration.

Sisters In Sound includes: Cacao ceremony, breathwork, and medicine songs and mantras, with a variety of world percussion instrumentation and cascading modular soundscapes including: Tibetan and crystal bowls, bells, chimes, and gongs, frame and ocean drums, and more. Join Little BirdElise Devi & Jayne Karma Lamo to experience deep relaxation and soul harmonization in ceremonies of TRANSFORMATIONAL SOUND.  We have an upcoming event on December 19th, 2020! Register with the links below!


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