Leave a legacy, in musical form!

I come to you to help you record a musical or sound memory that will last for lifetimes to come.

“Heaven” from Jayne Karma Lamo’s Not Neurotypial

Our Services

Are you a lover of music and sound, and want to leave a musical or otherwise artistic message, or record a special song of yours to leave behind for your loved ones? Don’t have the mad cash or personal stamina for a professional studio session? Have zero musical skills but think creating a legacy piece sounds awesome? You’ve arrived in the right place! With our portable small studio, we can come to you to help you lay down a recording that you are proud to call your own.

I’m also available to create backing tracks for videos or spoken audio and can give you a quote depending on the project!

About Jayne

Jayne is a multi-instrumentalist who has been playing music for most of her life – initially inspired by the musical talents of her gifted father. After a hiatus from composing music while raising her beautiful children, she has returned to the game with tenacity and spirit!

“Although I’m not able to shred wicked guitar solos or crush orchestral masterpieces, I do have a gift for composition, and I’d love to help you create something you and your family can listen back to time and time again.”


You bring your game, we record.




You’ve some musical talent you’d like to share, and something mostly ready to lay down.

In addition to recording time:

  • Your recording is produced and mastered
  • Your finished music is delivered to you electronically
  • If you choose, it is distributed onto online streaming services*


You’ve got some game, but need help with composition and instrumentation.




You can sing, read spoken word or play guitar for a recording, but need some help composing the music and recording additional parts.

Everything in the first package, PLUS:

  • We compose some music for you, in rock, alternative, pop, ambient, electronic or minimalist. (You give us an idea of some of your favourite artists and we’ll create something similar, within our skillset.)**


You give us a message / lyrics, we compose music and record all parts of the piece.



You have a message you’d like conveyed, but don’t really want to record your voice, and don’t really play any instruments.

Everything in the first two packages, PLUS:

  • We record your spoken message or song lyrics ourselves. You can choose them to be performed in a male or female voice.

*For your music to permanently remain on streaming services, my distributor charges a one time fee of $49. Otherwise, you are guaranteed distribution for one year only, included with your fees.

**What we CAN record for you:

  • vocals, including backing
  • acoustic guitar
  • electric guitar with effects
  • electric bass
  • a multitude of software instruments like synthesizers, electric piano
  • any acoustic singular instruments you play and provide (such as flute, banjo, ukulele, hand pan, etc)

We currently do not have the capability to record an acoustic drum kit, although we are looking into it for the future. Should you require something beyond electronically generated drums (you’d be surprised at how good these sound these days), we’d have to book studio time for additional fees.

Check out some of the musical projects we are involved with!

A Song to Remember

Founded in 2019 by Jayne Karma Lamo, it is our hope that we can help you create a musical masterpiece you will be proud to leave behind.

Our services are by appointment only, during the following business hours:

9:30 am – 2:00 pm
9:30 am – 2:00 pm
9:30 am – 2:00 pm
9:30 am – 2:00 pm
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

(Exceptions may be made if arranged with significant advance notice.)

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