Mobile Recording Studio

Need to record but don’t have the budget big studio time? I can come to you with my mobile recording setup! I am also happy to record and compose music or backing audio for your projects at competitive rates.

Mixing / Mastering

Always happy to edit, mix and master your track, album, or other audio. I use Logic Pro, and offer very affordable rates!

DJ Services

Need some music for your local event? I’m happy to offer DJ services for your small to medium sized gatherings! I can come with a quality stereo PA system and mic setup.

Check out some of the musical projects I am involved with!

I am also happy to be able to offer musical / sound legacy services as well! I can come to you with my mobile recording studio to help you create and record a piece of audio in memoriam of someone special, or I can edit existing audio to create something new. I can also help people in the dying process create a living legacy piece to pass on to their family members. I am happy to add original music to spoken word, or help you compose a unique song for your loved ones. All of this can be done in the comfort of your own home.

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