I am so pleased to be able to bring my musical medicine to the community and be of service with sound, delivering some of the most dynamic sound baths in the area! With 20+ years experience as a musician, I carefully compose centrally themed 60 and 90 minute immersive soundscapes to foster deep states of relaxation and personal wellbeing. Each journey includes soothing original backing tracks orchestrated, recorded and produced by me, accompanied by a powerful live experience of guided meditation, gongs, crystal bowls, singing & mantra, guitar, mandolin, steel drum, cedar flute, harmonium and many beautiful chimes, bells & percussive instruments. You will emerge feeling refreshed, peaceful & ready to bounce back into your life!

I often partner with the beautiful For-Rest Retreat in Salmo to offer their incredible yurt space for these group immersive experiences, and usually offer them in this space once per month. Some of my event themes include Chakra tuning, exploring the Elements, the Four Seasons, and the Solfeggio Frequencies, among others. My sessions are always evolving and expanding so you can expect a unique experience each time, even though central themes may repeat!

I also offer special events around sacred portals and holidays in our calendar year which may include medicine songs and ecstatic dance. Please subscribe to my EventBrite to find out about upcoming offerings.

I am also available for private events and individual sound sessions if you contact me to book!

My most recent Sound Immersion upload is a 14 minute journey which includes the Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz – Love, Miracles & DNA Repair. Available to stream exclusively on my BandCamp – but also available as part of an in person experience including all the Solfeggio tones. Sit back, relax and have a deep listen if you are looking to unwind and connect to some grounding earth medicine.

A full sound journey available for your listening pleasure – “Home Through the Elements” – on my BandCamp. Sit back, relax and have a deep listen if you are looking to unwind and connect to some grounding earth medicine.

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Jayne Karma Lamo
Salmo, BC Canada

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