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My Portfolio

(If you are looking for my music recording services / legacy work, please click here to visit A Song to Remember)

Solo Work (Jayne Karma Lamo)

My alt rock solo work – where everything took off from. I play all the instruments and do all the recording and production in my home studio. My latest release is “Not Neurotypical“, which includes some remastered tracks from my demos.

Sisters in Sound

Sisters in Sound is a group of West Coast Wild Women musicians, Cacao ceremonialists, transformational arts practitioners, and sound healers collaborating together to offer METAMORPHIC SONIC CEREMONIES. By serving up unique compositions of modular soundscapes and organic sound healing, collaged with mystical vocal harmonies and ancestral callings, a sacred space is held where people from all walks of life can transcend the ordinary and enter the heart of inspiration.

Sisters In Sound includes: Cacao ceremony, breathwork, and medicine songs and mantras, with a variety of world percussion instrumentation and cascading modular soundscapes including: Tibetan and crystal bowls, bells, chimes, and gongs, frame and ocean drums, and more. Join Little BirdSky BrayElise Devi & Jayne Karma Lamo to experience deep relaxation and soul harmonization in ceremonies of TRANSFORMATIONAL SOUND. 

Sacred Cranium

Sacred Cranium is my solo electronic music project. Created with Logic Pro and some analog instruments, this material is sassy and experimental.  Expect some curse words – after all, that’s the title of the first release! My latest release is “Boundaries”.

Life Path Nine

This was a recent project, a collaboration with Weston Philp. He played drums, I played the other stuff. Mostly an instrumental project, our songs incorporate rich guitar layers with delay effects, along with the perfect bass groove, and some subtle synth to tie it all together.

Looking to have a song recorded, or a small independent music project produced? Can’t afford studio time?

My small home / portable studio might accommodate your needs for a fraction of the price! Give me a shout at 604-722-5753 or use the form below.

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