Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is clearly a card about relationships! If you’ve drawn this card, chances are there’s a strong relationship in your life that is of great benefit to you both. Whether it’s an intimate one, a friendship, or a work partnership – there can be any number of possibilities – it is clear that you should look to this relationship right now.

Intuitively, whomever comes to your mind first would be my suggestion for focus. You may want to spend time talking with this person about an issue at hand, or seek their assistance. Perhaps this person needs your assistance! Whatever the case, tapping into what this relationship has to offer (yes, giving back also offers to you) is important at this time.

It’s important to remember that the two cups here are symbolic of emotion. There are feelings at play here that are deeper than surface level. You are both emotionally invested! It can indicate that someone may be more emotionally invested than the other, and to keep an eye on this – yet a cautious perspective is more relevant if the card is reversed.

This card can speak to a strong marriage or intimate relationship. You both compliment each other and are there through thick and thin. Your love runs deep, and your life force flows well in this partnership. In reverse, the Two of Cups can indicate you may want to give your partner some needed attention and care, as this may have temporarily fallen by the wayside. Give a meaningful gift, or take a night out together doing something you both love.

Another reversed meaning (or if you simply feel into this in your spread – not everyone likes to read reversed) can be that you need to share and be honest about your emotions with someone. Is there a dear friend or loved one that you need to speak your truth to? If so, the time is now.

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