Five of Cups

The Five of Cups reminds us that our point of focus is so very important. In focusing too much on one story or belief, we may be missing out!

If you have drawn this card, you may have either recently experienced a loss, or be reminiscing on one from your more distant past. What’s shown is that through focusing your attention on the story and details of the loss, there are opportunities and joyful experiences that are passing you by. A healthy process of grieving and letting go is extremely important and vital; hanging on to the past & your stories about how it relates to your present, is not.

A healthy grieving process allows the raw emotions to surface and flow. Through being present with our emotions in the difficult situation that is loss, we can begin to move forward. If we continue to narrate the story with details of fairness and logic, the emotions wait for us to put the story down. It is only when you let go of the words and allow yourself to sit with the feelings that things begin to transform.

In fact, it is in difficult emotional times that the greatest transformations can happen – if we let them! Your all seeing eye can open its widest when processing our feelings in their raw state. One minute you will be in despair, and then next a beacon of opportunity and joy will shine brightly for you that was never obvious before. Take these cups that are offered to you, and let go of what has spilled from the others.

If you are processing and are having a difficult time coping, I highly recommend seeking the support of a friend or professional who can give you the tools you need to make it through. Support is essential when we are overwhelmed – please seek it if you need it ❤️

If you’ve drawn this card in a relationship spread, it may mean you are focusing too much on your victimhood in a conflict. It would be helpful to open your perspective, so you can again find your joy and harmony together. Take the opportunity to calmly and openly listen to your partner’s point of view without interjection, and hear their perspective on their wounds. Process your feelings together or apart, whatever feels right to both of you – but do take the time for this raw emotion to express itself. If one of you needs comfort in the other’s arms, yet the other cannot at this time, take note. Please make time when you are ready to give each other what you both need, even if those needs are different, and must happen on different timelines. Don’t get too caught up in your stories, or the process may drag on! Let go and release, and you will come together again.

Published by jaynekarmalamo

A mommy on a mission, driven to sustainable and green living for the health of my family and my planet. Here for you to teach you what I have learned, and empower you to go back to your roots and DIY - saving money, your health, and the earth in the process!

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