The Tower

Since I’ve delved into a lot of the Major Arcana already, I figure I will keep it up until they are complete! The Tower is another one of those “whoa” cards. You look at it and you’re all “awwwwww s**t” 😂

The Tower usually indicates an upheaval in one form or another. Get ready for some big changes that may not be comfortable! Change may be sparked by a particular momentous event, like a loss or major transition of some kind (job, relationship, monetary). When the Tower pops up, it usually means you are being forced to look deeply at your life choices and belief structures due to a metaphorical slap in the face.

If this card indicates such an upheaval is yet to come (look to its position in the spread), you may have an inkling about where it is likely to occur. You may find clues in areas where you are already struggling, or things are already shaky. You may be able to reduce the blow of things to come by simply starting to turn your awareness towards places that you need to do some personal work. Whether this be your health, a relationship, or perhaps standing up for yourself at your job – take a closer look and do some reflection.

If you find yourself in the middle of a crisis or upheaval of sorts, make some time to ground yourself. Touch the earth, spend some time in nature, or sit in a meditation that allows you to be more centred. This is crucial in order to not get too caught up in the “story”; you will be able to process the events and emotions occurring much easier and more quickly if you are centred. Remaining calm and putting your faith in whatever spiritual beliefs call to you will be very helpful during this time. I often find sitting next to running water or the ocean allows me to process big emotions.

Another possibility with The Tower is that your mental realm is undergoing a major overhaul. Perhaps a certain belief system has been toppled, leaving you deeply changed. Your value systems may have radically been altered. Has this new mental (or spiritual) restructuring led to the consideration of different choices / courses of action? Perhaps a new blueprint is in order! Rest assured that these changes are for the better ❤️.

The Tower can sometimes indicate that power structures in your life – especially in your chosen occupation – may be toppling! A change in management may be imminent or underway. This crashing down of current hierarchies may provide opportunities for advancement.

[If drawn in reverse, the meaning for this card is usually similar, yet lessened in severity /intensity.]

Whether the changes are physically or mentally manifesting, know that it is through change that you will learn and grow. Without change we are stagnant. Though it may be uncomfortable, it is essential for progress!

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