Page of Swords

Like the other court cards, the Page of Swords is largely about personality traits and behavioural tendencies! This may represent yourself, or someone you are close to / working with right now. The Pages are often younger in age, or at heart.

I have found the meaning of the Page of Swords to be a bit contested in the field. Learning to trust your intuition is very important when reading this card. I will speak to my interpretation below, but feel free to peruse other interpretations if this does not feel right to you!

This character is on the precipice of making a decision in taking a course of action. He is pausing to think prior to acting, to be sure of his commitment. He is ready to pounce, but making sure what he does it right! This action may be related to justice or honour, and as such requires some deliberation to ensure the fairest action is taken. The youthful vigour this Page represents will be an asset here!

This card in reverse may indicate that you (or who this card may represent) are unsure of how to act, even though you / they feel compelled to do so. There is an anxious urgency about which course of action to take. The actor may be somewhat paralyzed in indecision. It can also indicate that someone is acting without ethical consideration, or in an overly defensive manner.

In a relationship spread, the Page of Swords indicates your partner or interest is still deciding how to proceed, to ensure they make the right choice. However, once they do decide, they will be loyal of character and stick with you. If in reverse, this card may indicate your partner may lack some maturity or be unsure of commitment. This card often represents a Libra ♎️

This card can also indicate gossip is abound, or that you are getting drawn into intellectual arguments / debates. Watch carefully what you say to others, and take care not to get drawn into unhelpful dialogue.

Really feel into the energy of this card in relation to the other ones in your reading. Does a particular person from your life snap to mind when you see the card? If so, associate this card with them and its meaning may become clearer ❤️

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