When Justice shows up in a spread, you know there is an issue at hand where “fairness” is in question. Perhaps you are in the middle of resolving something where you or another individual has felt slighted or wronged. If this is indeed the case, the cards would urge you to seek or await more balance.

In some cases, Justice indicates that you should be vocal and assertive in having a wrong righted. The character represented in the card is decisive and strong. These are qualities that you may need to use to your advantage right now. You may even need to recruit a strong advocate on your behalf. Boundaries for appropriate conduct are important, and they may need to be set or accentuated.

In other cases, Justice may remind you that though at a particular moment things may not seem fair and true, that the Universe has a way of restoring balance when we act in good faith. We may need to wait for this balance to be restored, rather than actively trying to force it back into place.

Perhaps an event that seems an unfair and unplanned loss may have opened the door for new seeds to be planted, which will blossom into something much sweeter. Nature holds a special balance that can be looked to during times of loss and strife. We may need to sit on the Earth and ask her to help us find our balance, as there is no greater caretaker than our Earth Mother! If this rings true for you, consider making an offering of sage, tobacco, or sugar to the Earth and ask her for the balance you need.

Justice may also indicate that we are in a position of power and influence, and that we must be mindful of how we wield this influence. Are we making just decisions that are of the most benefit for all beings involved? Or do we need to balance the scales a bit more precisely? Take stock of where your influence may be causing any imbalances, and attempt to adjust accordingly.

Sometimes, being in this position of power and influence requires us to take a difficult path where fairness is brutal in nature. Impartiality is not always about being acquiescent! Justice does not always come in beautiful forms – sometimes it requires sharpness, as the sword in the picture suggests. Do you need to wield your sword? If so, do so in the most loving way possible, which causes the least amount of harm and simultaneously offers the greatest benefit. But do know that we all sometimes need to stand in our power.

Lastly, if this card is drawn in reverse – or if this intuitively resonates with you – it may encourage you to look at where you may have wronged someone. Justice serves as a reminder to make reparations for any harm we have caused. Do this well and do it soon, with an open heart. This will allow healing for all of you who are involved. There is beauty in knowing when we must admit to our faults ❤️

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A mommy on a mission, driven to sustainable and green living for the health of my family and my planet. Here for you to teach you what I have learned, and empower you to go back to your roots and DIY - saving money, your health, and the earth in the process!

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