Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles is usually a manifestation card, in more than one sense. He is manifesting financial security, business success – anything that secures your basic needs. Opportunities for abundance are knocking at your door!

If you have a financial or business opportunity presenting itself, it is wise to take that now. It’s a safe choice that will provide abundance if approached with due care and dedication. You would be wise to scrutinize any agreements you enter into while pursuing this venture, as the Page examines his gold coin, especially if this card has shown up in reverse.

The Page of Pentacles can often represent a particular person in our life who embodies youthful, passionate qualities, while being grounded in reality and still able to make safe and wise choices. If this card is drawn in a spread, it may encourage you to connect with a person like this in your life. It also may encourage you to find these qualities in yourself, or remind you to remain grounded while pursuing your passions and ventures. The Zodiac sign associated with this card is Capricorn ❤️

This card may indicate that a romantic relationship with the aforementioned person may be presenting itself, and that it’s one that is wise to invest in. In love based spreads, this indicates a match that is both safe and emotionally gratifying. You will find much security in this partnership. Treat this person with respect and compassion, and they will become an anchor point for you to walk your life path with their passionate, loyal love at your back. If not a Capricorn, your love interest may well be a different Earth sign, as this is the element that Pentacles represents.

Published by jaynekarmalamo

A mommy on a mission, driven to sustainable and green living for the health of my family and my planet. Here for you to teach you what I have learned, and empower you to go back to your roots and DIY - saving money, your health, and the earth in the process!

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