Part two of my song meanings series, I’ve chosen “Restart.”

It all started with a bass groove, which I began layering on top of with my loop pedal. This is my most preferred songwriting style at the moment! Bass was my first instrument, and I still consider it my most dominant. I feel like a rock star when I get in the right groove.

The lyrics speak to the current environmental and societal devastation I am witness to. Corruption everywhere, rampant attempts at “quick fixes” that don’t go to the root. It’s hard to watch some days.

I feel like we are all trying to do things which make the world a little bit better – and this is brilliant and sacred work. We need all hands on deck. This is my work, 100%.

However, a part of me ultimately feels like something cataclysmic is going to happen before things will really change. And to me, that’s ok. Sometimes we need the boat to tip. I feel saddened that my kids might experience these events – I don’t know if they are far off. I even feel like I was greedy to birth them into this time.

Given that it’s our nature to often hit “rock bottom” before we change, I feel like our species might need to get there as a whole. Maybe we’ll lose humanity and be reborn as a different form of energy. Nothing ever “ends”, it just transforms (hence the album title). I don’t think the human species is immortal. What form of energy might we take next? I have NO idea – maybe it’ll be in a different dimension, or take millions of years. I know that when the transformation takes place, it’ll certainly be a step up from this.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the light in every human, even if it’s buried very deep. And I won’t let these concerns stop me from walking the path of the most good, and doing my part to nourish my planet. Yet I am prepared for the reality that may come! The Buddhist wisdom on impermanence helps me greatly to be at peace with these realizations ❤️

I wonder if you have any similar thoughts?



Racism and hate
Perpetuated by the state
Capital greed
Crushing our basic needs

Terror and war
To keep everyone poor
A medical system
That only masks the symptoms

If you think you can fix these problems up really quick
You’re gonna need to wake up, because our time is up
I’m sorry if this message gives you the feels,
But it all needs to fail before we can heal

I’m gonna watch the world do a restart
The change it needs is gonna break your heart
Every system we know will fall apart
The breakdown is gonna be off the chart

A new seed will grow
Where the trash used to go
Eventually you will see
That seed will become a tree

We will sit in her shade, and think of changes we made
But of this I will warn, we won’t be in the same form
I’m not sure I’m awake, to the shape we will take
But I guarantee, it will be in harmony

I’m gonna watch the world do a restart
The change it needs is gonna break your heart
Every system we know will fall apart
The breakdown is gonna be off the chart

Published by jaynekarmalamo

A mommy on a mission, driven to sustainable and green living for the health of my family and my planet. Here for you to teach you what I have learned, and empower you to go back to your roots and DIY - saving money, your health, and the earth in the process!

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