The Devil

Like “Death”, this card can be very off putting for some in a spread. It’s meaning definitely falls in the “cautionary” spectrum for the most part:

The first thing I often see in this card is “unchecked fire.” Some desire, some intention is out of control, or off kilter. You are pursuing something that will lead to you “getting burned.” Perhaps it’s not the action itself but your intention, or perhaps vice versa. Acting in a jealous, vengeful or spiteful headspace can often lead us here. We are tempted to add more fire to an already burning situation, when really we need to cool the flames. Be wary of these mindsets, and spend some time in reflection as to how you can come to a resolution in a peaceful way.

Have you been tempted by an enterprise that seems like it will have good payoff, yet it may carry the risk of causing harm to others inadvertently? If this is true and The Devil has shown up for you, it’s time to put that idea aside. This is not the right plan for you. The Karmic consequences will not to be your benefit, even if the material ones may be temporarily. Payouts that are only material in nature inevitably lead to suffering and loss in the long run.

If this card has shown up in response to a relationship query, this may be a very passionate partnership. However, this may be all that manifests – it’s not one for the long haul. There’s nothing wrong with indulging passion, but do not be fooled into thinking “more” may magically manifest if it is not there already. Move on if this is not what you seek.

This card can also indicate that the querent may be bound to a toxic situation / relationship. Look to other cards in the reading for indications of how and when to move forward from this – as this usually indicates some deep patterning is present if this is the case.

Outside of intimate relationships, The Devil can indicate an imbalance of power. This can often occur in the workplace – a superior or coworker may be abusing their powers, and it’s time to turn your awareness here. Are you living fearfully day to day? Are you being taken advantage of? It may be time to make a change here. Other cards in your reading will assist with solutions.

This card can also pertain to addictions and addictive behaviour. Is there a crutch in your life that is hard to let go of? Turn your sight here – it’s time to move past the path of self destruction. You deserve better! Self imposed chains can be the hardest to break – please seek the help of mentors and role models if you are battling addiction ❤️

All in all – what is tempting you that is not serving you? What is holding you that you need to be released from? These are the key messages of The Devil.

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A mommy on a mission, driven to sustainable and green living for the health of my family and my planet. Here for you to teach you what I have learned, and empower you to go back to your roots and DIY - saving money, your health, and the earth in the process!

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