The Lovers

The Lovers is such an aesthetically appealing pull ❤️. This card can be quite literal and also has other connotations.

If drawn in your spread the position is quite important, as is whether it’s reversed or not. The Lovers of course mostly deals with intimate relationships. This is usually a romance, passionate experience or domestic partnership, but can be a deep friendship as well. It can sometimes indicate a friendship that turns romantic.

When the lovers is drawn, it indicates a large potential for mutual benefit in a romantic relationship. Emphasis on potential! How you proceed is key. This partnership is endorsed by the Universe – clearly represented by the angel’s open arms above. Yet, it still involves two humans! Look at the mountain in the middle. You need to learn each other to have a successful relationship. And this learning never ceases. The day you think things are “perfect” is usually the day when the Universe shows you what else you need to learn. A good relationship always takes work. On both ends.

One important message this card often brings is that, though you compliment each other and work together in a relationship, you each have your own unique needs as separate individuals. It’s important not to lean too much on each other or allow your partnership to become your entire life. We need the freedom to be ourselves and follow our interests and passions. Sometimes we are with a partner whose passions are very aligned with ours, yet we still always have our own unique selves that need expression. Whether that is one person’s extraversion and another’s introversion, or that you recharge in the outdoors and she prefers a cozy bed. Support one another’s unique needs, and don’t try to force your partner into your passion.

If this card has shown up in reverse, you may want to look at whose needs are suffering, and how they can be met without compromising the other’s too much. It also may indicate that one person is not wholeheartedly invested in the relationship. Though it could be a good match, all the Universal approval won’t help if one party isn’t convinced. If this is the case, it won’t do for you to beg, convince, or manipulate their mind into the partnership. If they aren’t ready, only time will tell. Keep being YOU, and if it’s meant to be, it will be.

If drawn in a past position, this card could indicate that a previous relationship is affecting your life now. Is there unresolved trauma? Did you move out of a relationship without fully letting go? Has a previous partner been unable to let go? Are you pining after a past love? Whatever is in your past – they key is that it is influencing you now, and you need to come to a resolution before you proceed.

There are so many interpretations of this card, but I do find that these are the most common. I hope this has been helpful ❤️

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