Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune, the tenth of the Major Arcana, indicates there is a divine plan currently manifesting is your life. Well, there is always a divine plan, but it’s especially important to tune into it right now 😜. Turn your attention to any portents or messages that seem to be coming your way, and investigate their meaning. Especially look for anything that seems “lucky” or incredibly serendipitous. Astrological events are also major players here for you – it would be wise to look at planets in retrograde or other significant happenings, and how they relate to your zodiac sign in particular.

If you are receiving any messages, do a quick check in as to where they are coming from. If this is a new practice for you, sitting down on the Earth and asking Spirit to show you WHO is sending you messages would be a good way to start. See what images and names come to you, and ask them their intention. What can be especially useful is asking if these messages are guiding you to your highest and best medicine.

The Wheel of Fortune encourages us to look at synchronicities in our life right now, and to “take the hint”! According to many, nothing is “random.” Appreciate the connectedness of it all, and know that every relationship you have has a divine purpose – including the difficult ones! Sometimes those who seem to cause us the most “problems” can be our greatest teachers. There is naught that we can’t overcome! By all means, set your boundaries and say NO to toxic relationships, but know that every interaction has something to teach you about yourself!

If you are in a rocky relationship, it’s a good moment to consider your zodiac pairing and how it relates to your struggles. Is the relationship simply not the right one, or can you look at your partner’s zodiac qualities and how they interact with yours for some wisdom on how to find more common ground? For example, if your signs both have stubborn qualities, how can you both learn to better compromise? Know when you have room to work, and when it is best to find a more suited pairing. This takes a great deal of reflecting and dialogue.

Finally, the Wheel of Fortune teaches us to consider what patterns are repeating in our lives. What keeps coming up for you? Is there a cycle that keeps turning back on itself, leading you right back where you started? Journaling about any patterns you notice would be a helpful activity right now. If you put your finger on something, dig deep to see how pervasive it is – find all the places it is affecting your decisions and relationships, and try and get to the source. Ancestral healing work can be very helpful when uncovering deeply seeded patterns.

As always, life’s wheel keeps turning. If you are in tune with the nuances of your journey, each spin around the sun will bring you more wisdom, and the best healing medicine to work with ❤️

Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles is fairly visually obvious in its meanings! The figure in red is in a position to be able to give generously of himself to others in the community. The scale he is holding indicates that he is working to maintain a balance of giving and receiving.

At this time, you may be in a position where you are financially stable enough to give back to people in your community. Whether this is with your finances or your time, if you feel called to be charitable, now is definitely the time to act. Is there a particular opportunity that is calling you? Volunteer work, perhaps? Maybe a nonprofit venture has been in the works for you? This work will surely nourish both yourself and those receiving your help at this time 😊

The scale that the figure in red is holding reminds you to remain in balance while considering how you give and take. Do not let yourself be taken advantage of, or become a martyr in your generosity. Yet also be mindful that when the universe has offered you success and prosperity, that you do indeed need to repay the favour. Taking too much will inevitably lead to disharmony and discontentment. Being mindful of the delicate balance of exchange is important.

However, becoming obsessed with “fairness” is also not ideal.  We don’t want to get caught up in “I gave you this much so your OWE me this much.”  We can set boundaries on what is given and taken, but we shouldn’t become rigid to the letter.  Sometimes things slide this way and that way out of balance, but as long as we are patient and willing to work harmoniously with others, when we keep to our boundaries, things usually swing back.  The mental trap of “it’s not fair” is one that leads to a lot of suffering.  Look instead to – is there genuine feeling of warmth and love in this act of giving?  Or does it feel like I am being stretched too thin?  Go with the gut rather than the spreadsheet.  Conversely, do I feel like I am stretching someone else too thin?  Or should I accept this loving offer?

Also be aware that turning the blind eye to someone who needs you while appearing generous to another can also be a pitfall. Take a look at the motivations behind your generosity – sometimes you do need to make a hard choice regarding who receives your help, but this should be made thoughtfully and purposefully. We can’t always help everyone, but we can make a choice in being humble with our gifts so that we do not create unneeded discord. Giving for the sake of appearances is not always a wise choice.

The Six of Pentacles can also be telling you that it’s ok to be one of the people receiving. My, do we need to receive sometimes! If someone is offering you their support, especially financially right now (Pentacles so often have to do with monetary issues), it’s probably a good time to take it. Do not let your pride get in the way of receiving what you need ❤️. Take your blessing with an open heart.

The World

The 21st card of the Major Arcana, The World is a card of great power and culmination. There are quite a few possibilities in meaning here, depending on the other cards in the spread (as with all cards, but for me The World is particularly flexible).

The World can indicate that you have much divine support at your back. Your guides are here and actively working with you. It might be a good time to make an offering to your spirit guides, or to honour them in some way. If you are not aware of who your guides are, it might be time to find out. It seems like they want you to know! This card may indicate that connecting with a divine helper is of importance right now.

This card is also typically thought to signify that you are at a place of profound spiritual and intellectual achievement, and now able to survey your surroundings with a greater sense of perspective. Applying this broadened worldview will be very helpful in your work and relationships. The more you expand your heart and mind, the more divine opportunities will appear.

The World can also signify a major joyous event like the birth of a child or the graduation from a program of study.

Are you feeling called to do light work? The World may indicate its time to grab this work by the reigns. What tools are in your divine toolbelt? You may want to start wielding them ❤️. You are sitting in the heart of some awesome divine power.

If this card is in reverse or the above doesn’t resonate, it may be that you are having difficulty seeing the bigger picture that is in front of you. It’s time to do some work to broaden your viewpoint – there is more at hand than meets the eye. A block will be removed if you are able to expand your consciousness! Look to where things feel disconnected in your life, and do some reflection on what steps you might take to connect the dots.

Guided Meditations

Here I will be sharing some audio recordings of guided meditations that I find helpful. I’ll be recording these slowly over time, so please follow me on SoundCloud if you’d like to receive notifications when a new one is posted! Bear in mind there will be some music released in there too 🦋

Maitri for Increasing Self Love

  • This meditation focuses on increasing love for yourself and others, and is based in the teachings of the Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron. We work up to this in stages – feel free to pause the recording at any time to give yourself space to practice any one part of the complete session ❤️
  • Additional meditations to come soon!

    The Sun

    The Nineteenth Card in the Major Arcana, The Sun speaks to your divine innocence and purity. This card signifies that your spirit is shining brightly and you are basking in this glory. Now is your time! Look to the joy, delight and sheer presence that children carry – this is the energy you are cultivating right now. Pure, passionate vibration that comes from the heart!

    The Sun can also indicate a time of “harvest” – this may mean reaping the rewards of some personal work (your struggle is paying off – bright times are ahead!), or you are shining strong in your intended line of occupation. You are doing what you are meant to, and it shows! You can expect increased energy and physical vitality at this time.

    You may be in a place of rediscovering your inner child, and reconciling with that voice. He or she is speaking to you and it’s time to listen! Whether you need to remember to be mindful of the present moment and enjoy the small things, or whether there’s a childlike tenderness and confidence in the universe that you need to connect to.

    This card in reverse can indicate a childhood trauma or heartbreak that needs to be resolved now. Perhaps it is a good time to speak to a mentor or friend who can help you process what you need to, or maybe now is the moment to take your power back and confront your past so that you can move forward.