Welcome to my music blog series! I’ve deciding to write down my process behind each track, to make my lyrics accessible and have their message heard. So first off, I present to you “Intuition” from The Healing Demos.

This song originated when I was going through a particularly hard time receiving downloads for someone who was not receptive to receiving the messages. It speaks loudly about my empathic abilities and my frequent frustrations with them! I wanted to lay it all down at this person’s feet but knew it wasn’t right to do so without them asking.

I’ve learned very quickly that unless asked and compensated for, I need to let downloads for others go in, and go out again (whether on paper, or in conversation with a mentor or close friend not involved). I even sometimes need to do specific work to energetically close the door for these messages for certain individuals if they become too strong and overwhelming.

The song speaks also to my general overwhelm with emotional and social information coming from others around me, especially in public spaces. I often find it confusing to interpret emotional signals in crowded places unless I work very hard to focus in and do significant grounding work. This has to do with both my neurology and spiritual gifts, I’m sure! I tend to limit my participation in these kinds of environments so I don’t burn out.

Here’s the links to listen:

And here’s the lyrics!

I like to find my silence
It’s hard to come by it
When the world is rushing round
It’s so hard not to drown

The energy’s intense
The feelings get immense
The voices all around
Fill my head with sound

And I can see your soul
Even if you don’t
And I can hear your voice
Even if you won’t

You can’t fool me with a lie
Because I can see inside
Even if you feel blind
I can see what your mind hides

And I can see you soul
Even if you don’t
And I can hear your voice
Even if you won’t
And I can sense your passion
When you don’t let it happen
And I can feel your spirit
Even if you can’t hear it


In addition to my work as an Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot reader, I have also been releasing my musical compositions! I create electronic music and alternative rock, depending on what I’m feeling into at any particular moment ❤️. My albums vary between the two or are a mix of both.

I use music to process difficult emotions, and to speak to societal and personal issues. It is a powerful healing tool!

I’d love for you to have a listen – I’m available on any of the major streaming services, all linked below.

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Five of Cups

The Five of Cups reminds us that our point of focus is so very important. In focusing too much on one story or belief, we may be missing out!

If you have drawn this card, you may have either recently experienced a loss, or be reminiscing on one from your more distant past. What’s shown is that through focusing your attention on the story and details of the loss, there are opportunities and joyful experiences that are passing you by. A healthy process of grieving and letting go is extremely important and vital; hanging on to the past & your stories about how it relates to your present, is not.

A healthy grieving process allows the raw emotions to surface and flow. Through being present with our emotions in the difficult situation that is loss, we can begin to move forward. If we continue to narrate the story with details of fairness and logic, the emotions wait for us to put the story down. It is only when you let go of the words and allow yourself to sit with the feelings that things begin to transform.

In fact, it is in difficult emotional times that the greatest transformations can happen – if we let them! Your all seeing eye can open its widest when processing our feelings in their raw state. One minute you will be in despair, and then next a beacon of opportunity and joy will shine brightly for you that was never obvious before. Take these cups that are offered to you, and let go of what has spilled from the others.

If you are processing and are having a difficult time coping, I highly recommend seeking the support of a friend or professional who can give you the tools you need to make it through. Support is essential when we are overwhelmed – please seek it if you need it ❤️

If you’ve drawn this card in a relationship spread, it may mean you are focusing too much on your victimhood in a conflict. It would be helpful to open your perspective, so you can again find your joy and harmony together. Take the opportunity to calmly and openly listen to your partner’s point of view without interjection, and hear their perspective on their wounds. Process your feelings together or apart, whatever feels right to both of you – but do take the time for this raw emotion to express itself. If one of you needs comfort in the other’s arms, yet the other cannot at this time, take note. Please make time when you are ready to give each other what you both need, even if those needs are different, and must happen on different timelines. Don’t get too caught up in your stories, or the process may drag on! Let go and release, and you will come together again.

The Fool

The very first card in the Major Arcana, The Fool is a popular card in Hollywood ;). The image speaks largely for itself – here is a figure proceeding with a joyful and carefree attitude. However, having his head in the clouds may prove to be his downfall if he doesn’t ground himself a little bit more in reality. Not to mention heed the warnings of his faithful canine companion at his side!

As such, The Fool encourages us to embrace a playful attitude to life, and to venture forth with playful optimism. We don’t want to get so bogged down with the path that we can’t see the flowers as we pass them by. Yet a balance is key – realism is very important. We can’t assume that everything will always go well if we don’t do our due diligence. We must trod carefully and purposefully, while still remaining positive and curious.

If you tend to be someone with their head in the clouds, it may be helpful to find and practice some regular grounding work. Even the simple act of sitting on the Earth and feeling her energy with your body may be something you can incorporate into your day. Regular herbal clearings can also be of service – sage, cedar and lavender are very helpful for grounding.

The Fool also reminds us to attention to the wisdom of others around you, and to your gut instincts. Do not get so wrapped up in the stories in your head that you forget to notice what your intuition is telling you! If your story is telling you one thing, yet your instincts another, it is more than likely that your gut is correct. If you are an anxious person, it may be useful to seek teachings on how to differentiate a gut warning from habitual anxiety, as this can be difficult for some.

In reverse, The Fool can take a very literal meaning. Are you proceeding haphazardly with something? Are you literally acting the fool? It may be of benefit to do a reality check in on this. If you feel you are barrelling ahead without being mindful, take some time to slow down. Some goal setting and journaling may be of use.

In summary, don’t forget to balance exuberance with realism! When these qualities are in harmony, your path will be clear and true ❤️

Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles is usually a manifestation card, in more than one sense. He is manifesting financial security, business success – anything that secures your basic needs. Opportunities for abundance are knocking at your door!

If you have a financial or business opportunity presenting itself, it is wise to take that now. It’s a safe choice that will provide abundance if approached with due care and dedication. You would be wise to scrutinize any agreements you enter into while pursuing this venture, as the Page examines his gold coin, especially if this card has shown up in reverse.

The Page of Pentacles can often represent a particular person in our life who embodies youthful, passionate qualities, while being grounded in reality and still able to make safe and wise choices. If this card is drawn in a spread, it may encourage you to connect with a person like this in your life. It also may encourage you to find these qualities in yourself, or remind you to remain grounded while pursuing your passions and ventures. The Zodiac sign associated with this card is Capricorn ❤️

This card may indicate that a romantic relationship with the aforementioned person may be presenting itself, and that it’s one that is wise to invest in. In love based spreads, this indicates a match that is both safe and emotionally gratifying. You will find much security in this partnership. Treat this person with respect and compassion, and they will become an anchor point for you to walk your life path with their passionate, loyal love at your back. If not a Capricorn, your love interest may well be a different Earth sign, as this is the element that Pentacles represents.