Three of Swords

This card often catches my attention. The Threes come with a powerful energy – there’s usually big stuff happening when you’ve drawn this in a spread.

The Swords deal largely with the mental realm, being associated with the element of air. So this card can literally mean that you are torn between a matter of the head and a matter of the heart. One is interfering with the other, or you are needing to make a choice between which to go with. More often than not, our heart knows the truth. Our mental stories often prevent us from processing and even noticing our truest and deepest feelings. This card may be telling you to get out of your head!

This is not to say that our emotions can’t lead us astray. However, this is usually when we input them into a mental program. When we cling to our feelings because of our stories, they can fester and transform inappropriately. When we let go of the story and tap into the raw emotions that are there, this is where we can get to the truth. The “heart” of the matter! What are you really feeling right now, that your busy brain isn’t letting you connect with? When you feel deeply into it, things will become more clear.

For example, let’s say you are in a toxic relationship. There may be a story at play that tells you that you are not good enough for someone else, or that you won’t be safe if you leave. Leaving presents a feeling of vulnerability. You may find yourself in all of these “what if” stories and feel caught up in fear and anxiety. However, for some of us, when we let go of the fear based mental / logical stories, underneath it all we may be feeling raw grief. Grief for a loss of what we had, or what we thought we might have. When we allow ourselves to grieve and process, sometimes that is when the door opens and we can be liberated.

The Three of Swords can also indicate betrayal, or heartbreak. It may indicate that a past injustice is affecting you now, or that you are in the thick of one currently. Look to the position in the spread for more clues here. If this shows up in your relationship spread, it may mean some deep emotional healing is necessary for a healthy relationship to continue.

In a reading on health, the Three of Swords can indicate cardiovascular issues. These often present themselves in folks who are too tied up in the mental realm – especially those with high expectations of their own performance. People who are too “go go GO”, without taking the time for tenderness and slowing down may find their heart suffers.

The key here is to tune deeply into your heart and see what it needs – what are its wounds, and how can they be healed? How are your thought patterns hampering your healing? ❤️

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands represents a powerful figure with feminine energy. She is graceful and polite, but firm and decisive when necessary. Her energy is captivating. She has an affinity for things magical and creative, and is a fierce steward of the Earth. This Queen has a very balanced energy, and is adept at seeing both sides of an issue – making an excellent mediator. She may be an Aries or another fire sign (Sagittarius or Leo).

As a friend or lover, the Queen of Wands is passionate and loyal. She knows what she wants, and she will have it. If you can’t offer it to her, she will find it somewhere else – but she will surely tell you directly or make it fairly plain (it may be a different story if this card shows up reversed). She is not one to sneak about or beat around the bush.

If this Queen does not directly represent a person in your life, she may signify the qualities of determination, confidence, fidelity, and fertility. If you are hoping for children, she is a good card in a spread, as she embodies the qualities of a mother in her prime. She may remind you of your strengths, or she may be present to nudge you into embracing your own inner fire a little more. Perhaps some added feistiness is in order! Take hold of that staff and walk your path with assertive grace.

This card may indicate that an animal companion may be of help to you right now – a “familiar” if you will 😉. Have you been thinking of adopting that special fur friend? Maybe now is the time! Perhaps your animal spirit guides are looking out for you – you may want to pause and connect ❤️

The Queen of Wands is very much in touch with all aspects of herself, and encourages you to tune in to your shadow self and do some uncovering there (especially if this card turns up in reverse). Are there familial patterns that need to be resolved, cycles broken? Are there things about you that make you feel shameful? If so, it’s time to find some softness for the parts of your soul that you have distanced yourself from. You are a complete whole, and that includes the “darker” parts. It is to embrace and love our entire being that is some of the deepest work we can do. I strongly suggest connecting with a mentor who has done some work here if this is new to you. If this is not new work to you, it may be time for a new layer to be peeled back!

The Devil

Like “Death”, this card can be very off putting for some in a spread. It’s meaning definitely falls in the “cautionary” spectrum for the most part:

The first thing I often see in this card is “unchecked fire.” Some desire, some intention is out of control, or off kilter. You are pursuing something that will lead to you “getting burned.” Perhaps it’s not the action itself but your intention, or perhaps vice versa. Acting in a jealous, vengeful or spiteful headspace can often lead us here. We are tempted to add more fire to an already burning situation, when really we need to cool the flames. Be wary of these mindsets, and spend some time in reflection as to how you can come to a resolution in a peaceful way.

Have you been tempted by an enterprise that seems like it will have good payoff, yet it may carry the risk of causing harm to others inadvertently? If this is true and The Devil has shown up for you, it’s time to put that idea aside. This is not the right plan for you. The Karmic consequences will not to be your benefit, even if the material ones may be temporarily. Payouts that are only material in nature inevitably lead to suffering and loss in the long run.

If this card has shown up in response to a relationship query, this may be a very passionate partnership. However, this may be all that manifests – it’s not one for the long haul. There’s nothing wrong with indulging passion, but do not be fooled into thinking “more” may magically manifest if it is not there already. Move on if this is not what you seek.

This card can also indicate that the querent may be bound to a toxic situation / relationship. Look to other cards in the reading for indications of how and when to move forward from this – as this usually indicates some deep patterning is present if this is the case.

Outside of intimate relationships, The Devil can indicate an imbalance of power. This can often occur in the workplace – a superior or coworker may be abusing their powers, and it’s time to turn your awareness here. Are you living fearfully day to day? Are you being taken advantage of? It may be time to make a change here. Other cards in your reading will assist with solutions.

This card can also pertain to addictions and addictive behaviour. Is there a crutch in your life that is hard to let go of? Turn your sight here – it’s time to move past the path of self destruction. You deserve better! Self imposed chains can be the hardest to break – please seek the help of mentors and role models if you are battling addiction ❤️

All in all – what is tempting you that is not serving you? What is holding you that you need to be released from? These are the key messages of The Devil.

The Lovers

The Lovers is such an aesthetically appealing pull ❤️. This card can be quite literal and also has other connotations.

If drawn in your spread the position is quite important, as is whether it’s reversed or not. The Lovers of course mostly deals with intimate relationships. This is usually a romance, passionate experience or domestic partnership, but can be a deep friendship as well. It can sometimes indicate a friendship that turns romantic.

When the lovers is drawn, it indicates a large potential for mutual benefit in a romantic relationship. Emphasis on potential! How you proceed is key. This partnership is endorsed by the Universe – clearly represented by the angel’s open arms above. Yet, it still involves two humans! Look at the mountain in the middle. You need to learn each other to have a successful relationship. And this learning never ceases. The day you think things are “perfect” is usually the day when the Universe shows you what else you need to learn. A good relationship always takes work. On both ends.

One important message this card often brings is that, though you compliment each other and work together in a relationship, you each have your own unique needs as separate individuals. It’s important not to lean too much on each other or allow your partnership to become your entire life. We need the freedom to be ourselves and follow our interests and passions. Sometimes we are with a partner whose passions are very aligned with ours, yet we still always have our own unique selves that need expression. Whether that is one person’s extraversion and another’s introversion, or that you recharge in the outdoors and she prefers a cozy bed. Support one another’s unique needs, and don’t try to force your partner into your passion.

If this card has shown up in reverse, you may want to look at whose needs are suffering, and how they can be met without compromising the other’s too much. It also may indicate that one person is not wholeheartedly invested in the relationship. Though it could be a good match, all the Universal approval won’t help if one party isn’t convinced. If this is the case, it won’t do for you to beg, convince, or manipulate their mind into the partnership. If they aren’t ready, only time will tell. Keep being YOU, and if it’s meant to be, it will be.

If drawn in a past position, this card could indicate that a previous relationship is affecting your life now. Is there unresolved trauma? Did you move out of a relationship without fully letting go? Has a previous partner been unable to let go? Are you pining after a past love? Whatever is in your past – they key is that it is influencing you now, and you need to come to a resolution before you proceed.

There are so many interpretations of this card, but I do find that these are the most common. I hope this has been helpful ❤️

Keep Up

I wrote “Keep Up” when feeling particularly lonely in my diverse ways of thinking. I needed a song to pick me up. I don’t always go with the flow of public opinion – my neurodiverse mind doesn’t always see the point of that. I have strong beliefs and I stand by them. Sometimes this is isolating – but compromising my values is a greater obstacle.

Being of different mind often puts up obstacles, but many people who are neurodiverse are also incredibly resilient. Although sometimes I want to curl up and hibernate (and sometimes I do, let’s be honest), I keep going. Sometimes I need to ask for help. Asking for help is not weakness – oh no! There is strength in knowing when you need aid. That’s what makes us human. We are not meant to do things in a bubble!

The chorus speaks to the fact that, however weird and off the beaten path I am – these are the qualities that have led me to the best people in my life. They love me for who I am, in all my weirdness. And that’s gold. I wish for everyone to find their fellow weirdos and embrace themselves fully for who they are. That is the core meaning of this piece ❤️. Be weird, and be proud! Your true ones will embrace you for it.

As for “Keep Up”? It’s a call for those who vibrate with me to keep walking by my side. I need my tribe!

Here’s the lyrics!

In my life, in my life
I’ve hit many a wall, many a wall
But I won’t let that keep, let that keep
Me from my path

I’ve walked the high road high,
high road high,
I’ve walked the low road low,
low road low,
I’ve seen them come and go, come and go
While I walk

Many people are blind, people are blind
Their eyes are closed all the time, closed all the time
They don’t know where to go, know where to go
They are lost

Call out loud, call out loud
Someone will come your way, come your way
They’ll hold your hand, hold your hand, hold your hand
While you walk

Hey you know I’m pretty weird and you love it
You know I’m really weird and you love it
Hey you know I’m pretty weird and you love it
Hey you know I’m pretty weird and you can’t get enough of it

Hey you know I’m pretty weird and you love it
You know I’m pretty weird and you love it
Hey you know I’m really weird and you love it
Hey you know I’m pretty weird and you love it

Keep up
Keep up
Keep up
Keep up