Ace of Pentacles

I love the Aces! Always brilliant cards to have in a spread. Clearly an opportunity is being presented each time. Being of the Earth element, this opportunity is a material one. Whatever is being offered, whether an investment deal, a career advancement, a generous gift, or the opportunity to acquire a stable home, it is related to your material security.

Look at the abundance being offered; its written all over this card. The path is there, and it’s clearly marked. Open up to it! Is your pride holding you back from a chance to advance? Are you refusing wealth because you feel some darkness attached to it? Are you turning a blind eye to some clear opportunities that have become quite loud, perhaps out of fear?

It’s time to let go of any apprehensions that are preventing you from being as abundant as you can be, especially if this card is reversed. Are there messages from your childhood that you carry around, telling you that you don’t deserve to have everything that you need and more? It may be time to unearth these blockages so that opportunities for growth can flow as they should. Abundance can be yours if you are open and honest with yourself.

When you take this opportunity, make sure you continue to nourish it with your time and attention. Do not take it for granted. Even when we are given gifts from the Universe, and luck is on our side, our carelessness can lead us astray. Be unwavering in your convictions to manifest what you need.

Do not forget to show your gratitude to the Universe and your guides when you experience a time of profound material abundance. Make an offering in appreciation, or find some way to give back to your community. Giving and receiving should be held in divine balance ❤️


This card often startles people in a reading. Never ye fear, dear humans – this card does not often hold literal meaning. Sure, sometimes it does. But most often not!

What is death other than a transformation, and the beginning of new cycle? In most cases, Death indicates that you are at the end of a phase, and beginning a new one. Perhaps you are at the end of a major relationship, or changing career paths. You may be moving to a new city. Whatever the change, it’s BIG, and it’s irreversible. You must let go what is left behind. When we let go, even if painful at first, we are able to achieve new heights. Opportunities will open up that you may never have experienced had this change not taken place!

Death reminds us deeply of impermanence. Nothing remains unchanged forever – and that is the true beauty of life. Unhealthy attachments can cause us much grief and suffering. We must learn to go with the flow of each new phase of life. Things will be less sharp edged if we can put them down and enjoy them without clutching. It gives true meaning to the phrase “if you love them, set them free!”

If this card does indeed signify loss of life, I have most often seen it signifying a past loss. Often this past loss is having an affect now, due to a failure in processing one’s grief. It may be time to process it now, so that you can move on (and perhaps so that your loved one can as well).

It does occasionally indicate a loss to come, but even then, it does no good to fear. We must every day be prepared to lose everything we have at any moment. How do we do this? We live fully in each moment. Be totally present. Savour your loved ones. Tell them how you feel. Every. Day. We never know when they may leave us, and we never know when we may leave them. Death teaches us to return to the Now. Enjoy your life while you have it!

Death reminds us that old things must come to an end, so that new things can be born and flourish. If nothing aged or died, we would not have the divine flow that brings us joy. Without sadness, there is no happiness. We must know both sides of the coin to appreciate the whole. Knowing that death is just one part of a cycle, gives us peace.

If you have lost a loved one, take comfort in the fact that they are not gone, they have merely transformed. If we look closely, we can find them in many places. Especially our hearts ♥️

Six of Wands

The Six of Wands is a card of dignified triumph. A difficult battle has been overcome. There have been hardships, and possibly losses. You may feel a sense of solemnity. Yet you have emerged victorious, a new person. Forever changed from this journey, you are able to help others along this path. You are in a position to be respected and appreciated for your wisdom. The growth you have experienced will serve you and others.

Now that you have accomplished what you set out to, it may be a time where big emotions are coming up. It’s time to hold your heart with gentleness, and seek the company of others who are loving and kind. Take time to slow down and decompress.

If this card is reversed, you may be feeling like your victory is tainted somehow, or you may be feeling uneasy and lacking in confidence. It may be time to look deeply into the path you have taken, and see if there are any loose ends that need to be tied up. What is it that doesn’t feel quite right? Is it something you need to fix, or do you need to be gentle and kind with yourself and let something go?

Now that you are successful in your quest, how can you give back to your community? Is there somewhere that gratitude can be shown and shared? It’s important to use your position to continue helping others in the community achieve their goals, and to show humility and grace. You can be the mentor and leader your community needs ❤️

Knight of Swords

If you’ve drawn the Knight in any suit, it often depicts a person in your life. However, it can also be indicative that these qualities are present in you, and should be attended to.

In the suit of Swords, the Knight represents being headstrong and determined to succeed. What amazing drive! Depending on placement, this card can mean you or someone in your life is rushing forth with passion about an idea of project (much as the imagery suggests). This vigour can definitely be advantageous, but at other times needs to be checked – especially if the card is reversed.

In positive terms, the Knight can take you forward through difficult waters, and out into a better place. I often picture the Knight in Sleeping Beauty – chopping through the thorny underbrush and fighting off the dragon to get to what he wants. Someone may be coming to your aid, a literal “Knight in shining armour.” Perhaps YOU yourself may be the Knight you need. Quick thinking and decisive action will likely be needed on this path, and may be helpful at this precise moment. During times that require a quick choice – your gut intuition is your friend. What feels right?

The horse seems less keen about the Knight’s plan, so this card can also indicate you are pulling or being pulled into a plan that is not to your liking or best interests. You may need to step forward and say “no” if you are being dragged into something. Or, you may want to check in with others around you if you are the one holding the reigns.

Another cautionary message with this card is the possible disregard for the consequences of one’s actions. Are you pursuing something without thinking of the casualties along the way? Is there destruction or chaos in your wake? Pause, turn around and check for damage. You may need to do some clean up!

If you draw this card in a love spread, get ready for some passion! Yet also be prepared for your lover to potentially be firey and quick tempered. He (or she) often represents a Gemini. Be prepared to go deep quickly with this one! This is likely a partner who will fight strongly for your affection, and defend your honour.


Part two of my song meanings series, I’ve chosen “Restart.”

It all started with a bass groove, which I began layering on top of with my loop pedal. This is my most preferred songwriting style at the moment! Bass was my first instrument, and I still consider it my most dominant. I feel like a rock star when I get in the right groove.

The lyrics speak to the current environmental and societal devastation I am witness to. Corruption everywhere, rampant attempts at “quick fixes” that don’t go to the root. It’s hard to watch some days.

I feel like we are all trying to do things which make the world a little bit better – and this is brilliant and sacred work. We need all hands on deck. This is my work, 100%.

However, a part of me ultimately feels like something cataclysmic is going to happen before things will really change. And to me, that’s ok. Sometimes we need the boat to tip. I feel saddened that my kids might experience these events – I don’t know if they are far off. I even feel like I was greedy to birth them into this time.

Given that it’s our nature to often hit “rock bottom” before we change, I feel like our species might need to get there as a whole. Maybe we’ll lose humanity and be reborn as a different form of energy. Nothing ever “ends”, it just transforms (hence the album title). I don’t think the human species is immortal. What form of energy might we take next? I have NO idea – maybe it’ll be in a different dimension, or take millions of years. I know that when the transformation takes place, it’ll certainly be a step up from this.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the light in every human, even if it’s buried very deep. And I won’t let these concerns stop me from walking the path of the most good, and doing my part to nourish my planet. Yet I am prepared for the reality that may come! The Buddhist wisdom on impermanence helps me greatly to be at peace with these realizations ❤️

I wonder if you have any similar thoughts?



Racism and hate
Perpetuated by the state
Capital greed
Crushing our basic needs

Terror and war
To keep everyone poor
A medical system
That only masks the symptoms

If you think you can fix these problems up really quick
You’re gonna need to wake up, because our time is up
I’m sorry if this message gives you the feels,
But it all needs to fail before we can heal

I’m gonna watch the world do a restart
The change it needs is gonna break your heart
Every system we know will fall apart
The breakdown is gonna be off the chart

A new seed will grow
Where the trash used to go
Eventually you will see
That seed will become a tree

We will sit in her shade, and think of changes we made
But of this I will warn, we won’t be in the same form
I’m not sure I’m awake, to the shape we will take
But I guarantee, it will be in harmony

I’m gonna watch the world do a restart
The change it needs is gonna break your heart
Every system we know will fall apart
The breakdown is gonna be off the chart